Volunteers are Family

Service Saturday May 11, 2024

Volunteer Positions

Volunteers are camp partners who have the opportunity to ensure more and more kids experience Camp Carl! By committing to pray, promote, and provide helpful skills to Camp Carl on a continuing basis, volunteers impact lives for eternity! You really are our “secret sauce”! Sign up for a volunteer opportunity below.

Seasonal and Year-Round Volunteers

Camp Carl operates year round and we need your help outside the summer months! Volunteering allows you to be part of something bigger. Check out what we need help with specifically: 

Summer Camp (8-10 weeks)
Fall Weekend Retreats  
Winter Weekend Retreats
Spring Weekend Retreats
Grounds Crew (mowing, landscaping)
Weekly Cleaning Team

Summer Volunteers

We need your help to make summer camp happen!! Volunteering your time weekly during the summer can make an incredible impact! Check out the various serving opportunities:

Sunday Check-In
Day Camp Drivers
Boat Drivers
Camp Store
Kitchen Volunteers
Cleaning and Sanitizing
Ranch Crew
Rodeo Servers
Friday Check-Out

Summer camp volunteer commitments typically run for 8-10 weeks. Most serving slots are 4 hours per week.