Horse/Equine Camp
Entering grades 3-12

The Best of Both Worlds

About Horse/Equine Camp

Equine campers get the unique experience of learning about and working with horses during their week at camp. Each camper works to develop the skills to safely tie, groom, saddle, bridle, mount, and ride a horse both in the arena and out on the trail. Campers will also practice controlling their horse at a walk and trot, as well as learn the different trot positions. Every camper and their horse will develop a unique partnership, as they further understand his/her nature and develop better balance throughout the week.

Horse Safety

We require that every camper wear a helmet when riding a horse. All of our wranglers are extensively trained in horse safety and our full-time Ranch Director is responsible for overseeing everything from trail rides to horse and barn maintenance.

What you get at Camp

Horse/Equine Camp Price

Elective Opportunities

Arts & Crafts

Campers will be encouraged to unleash their inner artisan in this hands-on elective! Each day, camp staff will guide participants through a variety of mediums and artistic techniques. As a result, campers will be able to bring home their one-of-a-kind, handmade treasures to commemorate their camp experience!

Cost: $30, four 1 hour sessions


For an exciting paintball experience, grab your friends and get ready to battle it out in the Camp Carl wilderness! Our paintball course showcases unique obstacles to challenge campers ages 12 and older. To be adequately prepared and protected, be sure to pack baggy long sleeve shirts and pants. However, parents and campers alike should be aware that being hit by a paintball, even while wearing baggy clothes and safety gear, will most likely result in welting and/or bruising.

Cost: $30, one 1.5 hour session


If you have a sweet tooth, this is the elective for you! During the week campers will learn to practice proper baking safety, correctly follow a recipe and combine ingredients to produce a variety of yummy treats. After the week is done, recreate these special baked goods at home with a Camp Carl recipe booklet!

Cost: $25, four 1 hour sessions

Piano and Voice Lessons

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Don’t miss out on this elective! Open to all ability levels, campers will be given a chance to improve their playing or singing skills and develop new ones. Led by the talented Jennifer Moore, CVCA’s 6th-12th Grade Choir Teacher, campers will gain confidence in their God-given talents and will have the opportunity to share what they have learned with their cabinmates!

Cost: $25, four 1 hour sessions

Drum Lessons

Drum roll please! … This elective allows campers the opportunity to learn the basics of the drum set from several experienced drummers on our staff. In these lessons, campers will be taught the basics of rhythm and how to play various beats and drum fills. Campers at any experience level are encouraged to sign up as the lessons can be tailored to their specific skill level! Sticks and the drum set are provided.

Cost: $30, four 1 hour sessions


Let your creativity go wild! In Camp Carl’s pottery elective, campers will learn different clay building techniques by experienced instructors. Campers will be able to form a variety of items using their new-found skills with clay. Once campers have formed their masterpieces, they will glaze and fire their creations in time for them to be brought home as a camp keepsake.

Cost: $25, four 1 hour sessions


Spend some time testing out your luck fishing in Camp Carl’s lake. We provide the instruction, rods, reels, bait and the camera shots to tell the stories because this elective is a catch!

Cost: $15, four 1 hour sessions

Swimming Lessons

If you are a non-swimmer or feel insecure in the water, we strongly encourage you to sign up for this elective. Campers who choose to improve their swimming abilities will learn to swim under the patient guidance of Camp Carl’s trained lifeguards and have fun in the process! So sign up and jump in!

Cost: $30, four 1 hour sessions

Guitar Lessons

For campers who want to try their hand at guitar, this elective offers instruction from an experienced member of our staff. Participants will be taught the basics of instrument handling, strumming patterns, chords, and more. All skill sets are welcome and guitars will be provided.

Cost: $25, four 1 hour sessions

Wood Shop

Sharpen your carpentry skills in this thrilling elective. Under the supervision and instruction of an experienced woodworker, learn to design your own patterns, follow a plan, as well as measure and cut the needed supplies to construct a project in the woodshop. Campers can keep their creations and cherish them for years to come!

Cost: $30, four 1 hour sessions

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All Dates are Sunday at 4pm to Friday at 3pm

Ski Camp, Equine Camp, and Leadership Camps are also available for High School Students.

Available Dates

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Available Elementary Dates

July 2 – July 7
July 23 – July 28

Available Middle School Dates

June 18 – June 23
July 16 – July 21
July 30 – August 4
August 6 – August 11

Available High School Dates

July 9 – July 14

Ski Camp, Equine Camp, and Leadership Camps are also available for High School students.

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