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About High School Camp

Our goal with high school campers is to give them a place to find rest from the pressures of the world. The schedule is a bit more relaxed with more freedoms built in to allow time for deeper community and connection. All the classic activities of camp are still a part of the plan, with some additional high school age appropriate activities added to the fun! We want our high school campers to walk away with a deeper understanding of who they are in Christ and how to live out their faith.

What you get at Camp

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New This Year!

Expanded Elective Opportunities

Every camper gets to be part of our expanded electives program SAGATUC — Seriously Amazing Group Activity That U Choose! This year EVERYONE gets to choose something seriously amazing!

Check out the activities below to explore each opportunity! 

Arts & Crafts

Let your creativity go wild! During the arts/crafts elective, participants will be led through a variety of crafts suitable for their artistic level. Whether it's painting the sunset over Silver Creek Ranch on a canvas, or tie-dying your very own t-shirt, campers will be given space to express their creativity during the week and take their projects home to show-off.

Cost: $30, four 1 hour sessions


Who doesn't love enjoying a bowl of ice cream in your very own bowl? During the pottery elective, campers will be instucted on how to properly throw their own masterpiece on the pottery wheel. Leading up to this, participants will be taught clay-building techniques by an experienced instructor. At the end, they will be given the opportunity to glaze and fire their masterpiece and bring it home!

Cost: $30, four 1 hour sessions

Guitar Lessons

For campers who want to try their hand at guitar, this elective offers instruction from an experienced member of our staff. Participants will be taught the basics of instrument handling, strumming patterns, chords, and more. All skill sets are welcome, and guitars will be provided.

Cost: $25, four 1 hour sessions


Let's be real… Who doesn't have a sweet tooth? The bakers elective will be a time spent learning how to properly create the most scrumdilyumptious desserts. Measuring, Safety, Cleanliness, Cleanup, and of course Taste-Testing are all things you will practice along the way! Take some of your tasty treats back to the cabin to share or store it away to take home and share after camp... That is only if you can resist the urge to eat it all yourself! (Unfortunately, special diet options are unavailable).

Cost: $30, four 1 hour sessions

Sous Chef

Steam, Boil, Grill, or Roast... you name it! Spend some time in the kitchen alongside our staff learning what it takes to be the next Camp Carl Sous Chef! Campers will be be trained on how to plan, prepare, and cook food safely and efficiently! Who knows, maybe after a week at Camp you can take your talents to the Food Network and become the next Top-Chef! (Unfortunately, special diet options are unavailable).

Cost: $30, four 1 hour sessions

Playground Mania

You're used to recess at school, but recess at camp?! Even better. Gaga Ball, Nuke 'Em, 9-Square, Ultra Ball, Snack Shop, and more. If you just wanna chill at the playground and have a good time then look no more. The playground is a safe bet for a good time. Swing on by ... see what I did there?

Cost: FREE, four 1 hour sessions


Grab your hard hat and lunch pale you blue collar boys & girls... It's time to get to work. If you enjoy working with your hands and building something that lasts this is the elective for you. Walk through a wood working project alongside our staff and maintenance volunteers. At the end of the week you will be able to take home your one of a kind project to show off to the family.

Cost: $30, four 1 hour sessions


Nothing like a day on the lake fishing for some bass and bluegill. We provide the instruction, rod, reels, bait, and you provide the big catches! The lake is stocked and ready to go! Cast from the new dock or find a spot under a shade tree, it's all up to you! Sign up now...this ones a catch!

Cost: $20, four 1 hour sessions

Wet N' Wild

Nothing like spending the day at the pool or lake when the sun is shining! During the camp week, campers  have the opportunity to travel to both the pool and lake, twice! This elective will be in addition to those sessions that will be gender separate. If you are a fish out of water come join the lifeguards down by the lake or pool!

Cost: FREE, four 1 hour sessions

Hot Wheelz

Looking for an adrenaline rush? This is the elective for you. Spend two days ripping through our new mountain bike trails and two days learning how to safely ride, operate, and care for a OneWheel. Don’t worry mom and dad, helmets and wrist guards will be provided and are mandatory for riding.

Cost: $15, four 1 hour sessions


Do you love the outdoors? Here at camp there are so many places to explore! This rotational elective will allow you to see and experience different parts of the great outdoors! Spend one day at the creek catching crawfish and the next testing your fire building skills. Pack your boots and binoculars... who knows what you're gonna see out there! Each day will be a different activity: NATURE HIKE | CREEK WALK | ANIMAL ID | FIRE BUILDING

Cost: $15, four 1 hour sessions

Warrior (MS/HS ONLY)

We've all got a wild side! Spend the week rotating through the four warrior activities here at camp. Whether you're nailing the bullseye out at archery or learning how to build a fire from scratch, this elective will get the blood pumping! Spend time refining old skills or learning new ones alongside our staff! Each day will be a different activity: PAINTBALL | AXE-THROWING | ARCHERY | SURVIVAL

Cost: $30, four 1 hour sessions


TEAM on 3! 1 - 2 -3, TEAM!!! Love to compete and be active? This is the place for you. Basketball, Kickball, Football, Wiffle ball and more. This elective is sure to be a home run for anyone who joins. Not only will we compete hard, but campers will be taught the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Cost: FREE, four 1 hour sessions


Wanna chill? Sometimes it's nice to just kick back and relax. For those of you who love some down time, this is the elective for you. Spend your elective period in the game room playing cards or building a Lego empire. Buy a candy bar and coke from the snack shop and head on over to Hammock City. Don't stress... the chillest of chill staff members will be hanging around with you.  Hammocks | Game Room | Snack Shop

Cost: FREE, four 1 hour sessions

Boating & Tubing

All cabins will have the chance to ride a boat and tube on the water at West Branch. For those who can't get enough, here is another chance for you to ride a speed boat and brave the wave one extra time! It will take the place of one day of your SAGATUC session.

Cost: $15, 1 session

Old West Dinner Cookout

Yee Haw!! We're going old school. Hop on your horse and head out back where you'll cook a hearty meal over the fire and enjoy a relaxing wrangler-led trail ride around the property. This opportunity will take place once a week in place of a regular scheduled dinner.

Cost: $30, one 2+ hour session

Note: Equine campers do not participate in SAGATUC electives. Their specialized program will involve much of their day being spent at the Silver Creek Ranch.

2025 Registrations Open August 1st!

All Dates are Sunday at 4pm to Friday at 3pm

Ski Camp, Equine Camp, and Leadership Camps are also available for High School Students.

2024 Dates

July 7 – July 12

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Ski Camp, Equine Camp, and Leadership Camps are also available for High School students.

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