Applying for Financial Assistance

How our scholarships work

Thank you for your interest in having your child attend Camp Carl this summer! There is a team of people who give generously to meet the needs of children and young people who sincerely want to attend camp, but may not be able to because of finances. Our goal is to distribute the scholarship monies faithfully and to provide a way for those requesting funds to make the request comfortably. Information will be reviewed by a camp team and held in strict confidence.

Follow the steps below to apply:

Step 1


Complete the application thoroughly. Only one application per family. The application should be in the parent or guardian’s name. You will have an opportunity to list the campers name once in the application.

Step 2

Attach most recent filed tax form (IRS1040) or your last pay stubs. If you do not receive a pay stub or file taxes, any document that shows your income will work.

Step 3

Register for camp and pay the $100 deposit to save your spot (all scholarships applicants are required to pay the deposit per child. Your scholarship will not cover this cost). Camp Staff will apply your scholarship to your online reservation. The balance of your reservation will be due May 1st.

Step 4

We determine scholarship eligibility once we receive your application and 1040. We will not award aid until after April 1st.

Step 5

We notify you by email of any aid we will provide if your application is accepted.

Important Scholarship Information

Completed applications and 1040 must be received by Camp Carl by March 15th to ensure processing time. No scholarships will be rewarded until after that date.

While we do our best to help as many campers as possible, not all applicants will receive aid. Please wait to hear from Camp Carl before anticipating assistance.

Please note: We are no longer a member of the ACE Ohio reimbursement program. ACE OHIO has updated the requirements for Day Camps. They must have an approved Ohio DOE educational curriculum and meet the educational standards set by the State of Ohio. Camp Carl's Day Camp is not intended for educational purposes and no longer qualifies. Overnight Camps do not qualify for ACE Ohio.