Family Camp

Family Camp is a time to get away with your family, relax, rejuvenate, and remember why you love each other. Recognize the value of time spent together with the purpose of having Jesus as the founding member of your family.

Family Camp

Not only will your family grow together, they will have a blast doing it! Each day is packed with a variety of great activities and special events to experience, but you can also choose to hang out at the lake, hike, lounge by a campfire or take a nap in your room or hammock. The food is amazing, the lodges are comfortable and clean, the fellowship with other families is sweet, and the adventures are endless. This for one incredible all­-inclusive price! The all-inclusive price includes hearing some of God's truths for the whole family, worship, activities, housing, and five meals starting Friday dinner to Sunday breakfast. Join us for this incredible weekend event!

Family Camp Activities: 

Big Zip
Giant Swing
Horseback Riding
Climbing Tower
Laser Tag
Adult 18+
Ages 12-17
Ages 11 & Under
No items found.
October 11, 2024
Retreat Speaker
Camp Carl
Family Camp

Why Camp Carl?

Camp Carl is fully committed to partnering with families in the nurturing, development, and guidance of children and adolescents. We believe this week – and every week – matters in the life of a child. So we plan to make this a time they’ll never forget!

This is achieved through our positive, energetic emphasis on a personal relationship with God through Christ Jesus, and the understanding that everyone is created in the image of God.