Winter Meltdown

Looking for an all-inclusive weekend adventure for your youth group? We are thrilled to come alongside youth groups to provided an action-packed, spiritually challenging, and relevant weekend for your group!

Meals, lodging, activities, game room, worship band, speaker, and more— Winter Meltdown is your complete retreat!

Winter Meltdown is your time to challenge yourself, go crazy and have fun, or just relax around a fire and make new friends. Our goal is to provide a place free from the distractions of everyday life— a winter youth retreat where students and leaders can focus on God and build meaningful relationships with each other.

January 12, 2024
Event Location

Why Camp Carl?

Camp Carl is fully committed to partnering with families in the nurturing, development, and guidance of children and adolescents. We believe this week – and every week – matters in the life of a child. So we plan to make this a time they’ll never forget!

This is achieved through our positive, energetic emphasis on a personal relationship with God through Christ Jesus, and the understanding that everyone is created in the image of God.