The Best Week of Summer

Information for Parents

Activities at Camp Carl provide endless adventures, challenges, and explorations for our campers! While we have an amazing time all week long with a ton of different activities, safety is our number one priority for every camper. Some of our activities, like horses, boats, and ropes require an extra week of training for our staff before camp begins. Here are a few specifics about the training and safety precautions we take for some of these activities.

Pool Safety

There are always at least three lifeguards on duty whenever a pool or lake is open. Every lifeguard is Lifeguard and CPR certified. In addition, all lifeguards are trained in oxygen administration and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator. Campers must pass a swim check upon arrival at camp to determine their strength as a swimmer. Non-swimmers wear a wristband to alert lifeguards on duty that they cannot swim well and must remain in shallow areas at all times.

Horse Safety

We require every camper on a horse to wear a helmet. All of our wranglers are extensively trained in horse safety and our full-time Horse Barn Manager is responsible for overseeing everything from trail rides to horse and barn maintenance.

Boat Safety

Boat drivers are trained in waterfront safety and will need to pass an Ohio Boating Safety Course to be a camp boat driver. All boat drivers are older than 21 yrs. old. Before teaching or pulling a camper they log 20 hours of training and driving time.

High Ropes Safety

Whether it's zip lines, climbing walls, or other high ropes elements, we want to ensure that each one of these activities are as safe as possible. An independent contractor inspects and certifies all our ropes courses each year to ensure that they are in excellent working condition. We do an extensive training with our summer staff and they all will be tested and approved to run any ropes elements.

The selection and screening of our staff is an important part of our safety policy. Every year Camp Carl interviews more than 200+ applicants in order to hire only around 75 summer staff. We see our summer staff as the “tip of the spear” and won’t settle for anything but responsible, high character, full of integrity young people.

First, we tell applicants right up front in our online application that Camp Carl has a zero tolerance policy in regard to bullying and/or abuse. The application is extensive and asks for multiple different kinds of information to help screen for potential abusers. Every application is read through by three different members of our hiring committee, each one looking for any red flags or other areas of concern.

The next step of the process is a face-to-face interview with one of our full-time staff. Interviews are either in-person or over Skype and include open-ended response questions about the applicant's family, personality, relationship with Jesus, and history of drugs and alcohol.

Every applicant must have a minimum of two references from non-family members in order to be considered for hire. References are asked to specifically rate areas such as the applicant's character, their employment experience, and the comfort level of the reference in having the applicant work with children.

Once we hire our staff, we thoroughly train them for a minimum of two weeks so your child will be surrounded by the finest young Christian role models in the country.

We run background checks on every staff member through an outside company called ADP Screening and Selection Services.

During the summer, camp has a licensed nurse and health assistant on duty 24 hours a day. Camp Carl’s medical policies are endorsed and regulated by a professional ER medical doctor.

Our health clinic is well-equipped to handle a wide variety of medical situations without needing to leave the property during the summer. However, Camp Carl is located within ten minutes of a trauma facility.

Camp Carl’s medical staff administer all medications to campers and staff. We do not allow medications in a cabin, except for rescue inhalers, diabetic supplies, and epi-pens. During check-in, all campers must check in their meds to the medical staff when they arrive.

Our goal is to treat your child like one of our own. We do this is in many ways, such as taking a thorough approach to your child's health and wellness. This includes hygiene checks, medication dispensation, allergy management plans, and a proactive, preventative approach to sanitizing and disease control. In addition, we emphasize the "Big Five” safety measures: hand washing, hydration, nutrition, sun protection, and rest.

Camp Carl’s full-time staff are trained to recognize inclement weather situations and to protect our campers and summer staff. We are constantly monitoring the weather, and we have the ability to notify all Camp Carl staff of any need to take shelter or any other need that may arise.

The safety of our campers and staff is our priority, and we will never take chances with the weather. In the event of storms, we will move everyone indoors and continue to monitor the weather until any storms have passed.